About us

Leadership-safety for every partner, every day so everyone goes home.

We drive workforce productivity through stronger employee safety and health training.   Putting over 20 years of experience in the General and Construction Industry to work for you, the customer, by providing world class Consulting, Education, and Training to fit your company needs.   Experienced professionals deliver customized worker safety solutions to enhance your safety posture and help reduce work related injuries and property damage.  Bilingual trainers are available for onsite training and bilingual online courses are also offered.  100% confidential, customized to your needs, OSHA compliance and certificates of course completion are also issued for every course.

OSH International understands that taking on leadership roles in safety means that they understand foremost that “everyone goes home.” The idea of lifelong learning is well-established, and our goal is to provide employees and management the training and partnership to meet the stated goals of the organization.